NEGA KOŽE: Garnier Moisture Match

Hello !
As you have already seen, my blog has changed a litlle bit. Christmas spirit visited my blog too.
I created pages : HOME, ABOUT ME,  HAIR , LIFESTYLE and CONTACT.
In page ABOUT ME, you get to know a litlle bit more of me. In pages HAIR and LIFESTYLE, I'm going to post about hair products, hair tutorials and interesting things happening in my life.

Today I'm showing you product, which I LOVE !
Garnier Moisture Match : 24h  Mattifying Fresh Cream.

My skin gets oily. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Especially on T-zone, most around nose and forehead.
I was verry irratated, because my face wasn't looking good after couple of hours.
I was using camille mousturizer, which wasn't too oily, but It felt very good on my skin. At least for couple of hours. Then, old story again.
That's why I started to avoid moistourizing my skin.
But my skin notice it, and start looking very bad. Lifeless, with no shine, like DEAD.
One day I was shooping and I was looking for some good moisturizer for OILY skin. But almost all of them where meant for dry or very dry skin. That's not far.
Then I saw it : MATTIFYING FRESH CREAM !! Mattifying and fresh for only about 5 €?!  
Of course I bought it right away :) 

And It's amazing. Exactly what I needed. It keeps my skin refreshed and moisturized, but not oily at all. My makeup stays on longer, without annoying shine. And my skin feels very soft after using it.
It's really one of my best picks for skin care.

I definitely recommend this product for all my ladies with OILY or COMBINATIONAL skin. It's worth trying it out.

If your skin is dry, very dry, normal or dull, you can try their other moisturizers from this line : MOISTURE MATCH. I hope you find the perfect one for yourself too.

Have a lovely evening and be pleased to comment and share :)
xoxo, Tea