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Here I am relaxing in front of my computer... with cup of tea and good music ...
Exams are over and some good things are happening... I'm very excited.
Today I'm going to write about skin care product.

I'm presenting you MASK OF MAGNAMINTY by LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics.
I don't know If you are familiar with this brand, but It's very popular in USA and around the world.

Let's start. It's my first LUSH product and I love it.
It makes my skin so refreshed, clean and soft. My skin is looking so healty after use.
I also put some moisturizer on.
It smells like peppermint and you can just feel how intense is cleaning.
Your skin feels very refreshed after every use. You can also use it for your cleavage.
I use it twice a week and before some events... Foundation goes on smoothly and looks so much better. Like it is airbrushed. Healthy looking skin is 60% of good makeup.
-apply mask on clean face, 
- leave it on for 5-10 minutes,
- wash it down with tepid water
- apply moisturizer

Mask is handmade and made of fresh ingredients.
Mask contains adzuki beans, that's why It also works as a soft peeling.
You get 125g of product. But you can buy bigger container too. Price is about 7€, bigger one is around 15€.

For equal applying I use some old foundation brush. Hands are great too..
Container is made of 100% recycled plastic.
When you bring  5 clean mask containers back to the storethey give you one mask for FREE.
It's one of of the best skin care products I have ever used. 
If you're looking for some good cleansing mask... it's MASK OF MAGNAMINTY perfect for you.
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xoxo, Tea