Valentine's day

Welcome dear readers,
here is just a random post about my Valentine's day.
A lot of people hates Valentine's day so much. And blah blah blah.
I just don't get it. Why ? It's just a day, when you can surprise your love, have a really good time, eat something good, cuddle..and things like that.
And have a party or drink with your friends, If you are single :) You can surprise your friends too.
I know that you should do this kind of things every day... We do, but I like Valentine's day either.
Before I start with pictures, here is one of my favorite love songs : <3

I start a day RIGHT. Coffee with cream and chocolate heart is perfect for a nice Valentine's day morning. What do you think ?


Me and my boyfriend had a romantic dinner in Vipavski hram in Vipava. The ambience was so beautiful. Candles, hearts, balloons, music...
The menu was a litlle bit special... my favorite part was dessert with berries,curd and cream. I'm obsessed with desserts...that's why. 

My makeup was of course very romantic and sexy. Red lips for a dinner date are a must for me.
 Brown smokey eyes, eyeliner, some falsies and're ready... One of my favorite makeup looks.
And KISS for you !! :)

And I got some flowers and chocolate too.  How awesome is that :) <3
Thanks for visiting my blog, be pleased to comment.
xoxo, Tea