My Christmas 2014

Hey hey,
Here I'm showing you my Christmas through few photos.
There was a lot of food and good company.

On 24st of December I decided to bake some of Lily Pebbles Dairy Free Chocolate Brookies.
It was my first time doing these and I have to say that they were delicious.
I made about 70 cookies and they were all eaten in two days ... Quite fast, right? Oops.

On Christmas eve I had dinner with my familly.
But on Christmas day me and my sister cooked very fancy dinner for us and our boyfriends.
Enjoy watching the pics, but I'm warning you: You will get hungry :)

Dinner was amazing. Good job sister and I ! 
After we filled ourselves with this goodness we played few rounds of Activity.
Our boys beat us. Oh well ... we're going to win next time :)

I forgot to take photo of my makeup, but I was wearing shimmery brown eyeshadow, a lot of mascara and red lips.
I had such a nice Christmas eve and Christmas day with my family and boyfriend. 
I hope you had to.

Enjoy your holidays and thanks for visiting my blog.