New Year's Resolutions & Changes

Fresh year is in front of us and this is perfect time to make some changes and set goals.
My 2015 goals are pretty much makeup related (of course I want to be healthy, happy and in love too).
I want to be more successful as an makeup arist and finish makeup school (which starts in March) and grow as an artist.
I also want to become good blogger and youtuber.
And I'm gonna work my ass of, because I want to do something I adore, for my regular job.
I want to do,talk,write and teach about makeup. This gives my heart a bounce.
This year I'm going to do two blog posts a week.  One is going to be about video on youtube and second one is going to be about random beauty and lifestyle things. This blog is going to be mostly about beauty related things, but I'm going to add also some lifestyle posts.
I'm going to upload one video a week on my youtube chanel  . Because videos takes me quite long time to film, edit and upload.
And I'm going to write in Slovenian and English language. From next post on.